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The Coma User Interfaces is project currently in development. It is a collaboration between the premier Computer Science Laboratory at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, LAVA ( and the University of Hawaii Institute for Astronomy. Our goal is to design and implement an innovative method to simplify the process of querying a database, manipulating and filtering data, and creating on demand visualizations. We looked to the emerging field of visual coding for inspiration.


The UI is built in JavaScript, CSS3, and NodeJS. It works by treating the flow diagram as a Directed Acyclic Graph, which is parsed by a Flask middleware process. I designed the interface, interactions (such as the range slider in the image above), and animations with JS and CSS.

The page is served by a Node backend that has a pool of webworkers, running jobs on demand as they are populated in the queue.

The flow diagram is powered by GoJS, and the charts are built by Echarts and PlotlyJS.

Check back for updates.

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