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Projectable 2.0

The Projectable 2.0 is a 3D projection mapping tool that displays GIS data layers onto 3D printed terrain. The goal of the tool is to increase comprehension of technical data by visualizing the information in a context that is both engaging and enlightening.


The Projectable 2.0 was commissioned by the Hawaiian Electric Company after they experienced the original Projectable projection mapping tool. They were in search of a tool that can engage with both decision makers and the public.

The table is twice the size of the original and was lowered so that we could gather large groups around the map to facilitate discussions about the data.

I served as lead developer on the project and designed and implemented all visual and interactive aspects of the software.

This is an Electron / Angular project, written in Typescript.

The custom built UI is a an innovative touch interface. The screen itself is a pane of glass, backed with a translucent capacitive tape to enable touch detection. The display is projected from below.

Layers are toggled on and off using the icons on the top right quadrant. Users can modify the time dependent layers, such as solar energy land use, using year time dial, or the spiral chart in the center. (Both of these components are custom designed and built in typescript and CSS3).

The 3D map can be changed and swapped out at the touch of a button.


This video shows some of the available interactions with the touch screen, taken on a cell phone.

This video shows some of the available interactions, done with a mouse and screen capture for clarity.

The Projectable 2.0 can change the base map, layers, and data at the touch of a button. This is an image showing a projection of energy data over Maui, Hi.

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